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I love animals and love this book! Most of the searches for animals give stuff about furries... so im super happy this is here! animals is kind of a niche novels so i wish people would make more games more based in reality and about animals!

Super cute novel, well worth the read!

Check out my livestream and play of two of the possible endings here:

Aww, thanks kindly for streaming this and the recommendation! ^_^ I'll definitely have to pop into your Twitch stream sometime!

Made a video about this game. It was fun! the background music was superb and the art style is beautiful but there was a problem while playing this game...

Hey, thanks for playing! Did you download the updated version 1.2? I found the bug when I submitted it and couldn't change the game file for the game jam, so please lemme know which file you downloaded and played :)

I played the older version but it's still a great game! Keep it up! :D